What do I want?

A boat leaving the harbor will not reach destination if the sailor does not know where he wants to go…

Making clear to myself of “What do I want?” will allow to move steadily towards my chosen destination. Until then I am randomly driven by the mainstream currents of the modern human world just like a leaf carried by a river’s stream.

All the items on my “want” list are subject to the main objective: to seek the intent of my Maker for creating me for His purpose and to follow His intent to the letter giving no attention to anything outside of this intent no matter how persistent the suggestions are coming from other humans. There is no priority sequence in this list because each item is important as it is only a piece of a puzzle making a whole puzzle picture complete, making the idea of “my life” match the Divine intent.


  • I want to fly. Like a bird. Not metaphorically. Not as in daydreaming. Not as a symbol of an ultimate freedom but The Real Ultimate Freedom. Not in any of the ways of the current aviation, which are yet too limiting as of today, but in my envisioned way yet to be produced. I know how – this is not a daydreaming.
  • I want to develop and produce my dreamed aircraft within this lifetime no matter what it takes for I know that my Maker is working with me on this project. In fact I know that this is His project. This way not only will I make my dream true but I will show to myself and to others what could be done if working together with The Creator of All. I receive all the details of “know how” from Him. I know “how” – this is not a daydreaming.
  • I want to develop and produce a new electric propulsion driving my dream aircraft, and by extension, will drive other kinds of transportation. My electric propulsion will consist of a new kind of electric motor and new electronic motor controller to produce a new level of efficiency of electric-to-mechanical energy conversion so far unknown to the world. It’s been too long the human civilization relied on the wonderful history making inventions of Nikola Tesla in his time. But this is 21st Century now. It is time to move on. I know how – this is not a daydreaming.
  • I want to make the history-making flights in this aircraft showing to myself and to the world the new abilities of the vehicles and making a public statement of new possibilities to the world. I know how – this is not a daydreaming.
  • I want to have and to drive a new road car driven by my new electric propulsion system . I know how in details – this is not a daydreaming.
  • I want to have modern CNC machines for CAD-designed software-controlled automated cutting manufacturing. This already exists at rather advanced  stage – this is not a daydreaming.
  • I want to develop and produce a new technology for 3D printing to put to a good use all the new developed composite materials to a real good use. I know how – this is not a daydreaming.
  • I want my partner /  my son to partake and to fully experience the magic and joy of all of the above. This is not a daydreaming – this is on-going.
  • I want to live in a large modern “green” facility , call it a “hangar”, “shop”, “R & D” lab, which has all of the following under one roof: Electronic and software development lab, CNC machine room, a room for making composite structures, 3D printer room, physics laboratory for the development of new kinds of energy conversion and implementing new features in an aircraft, area for the fully and partially assembled aircraft prototypes,  my living quarters… all under one roof. I know how – this is not a daydreaming.
  • I want to establish a new school for children – the school to raise and develop young prodigies. New ways of education will be implemented there based on a new approach – identifying and fostering the natural abilities and tendencies possessed by every child while eliminating the idea of “one-for-all” curriculum . This new way of education will be “project-based” where a child will be offered to try and choose the project to participate according to his/her natural tendencies. The criteria for acceptance in this school will be this: child has to possess a passionate desire to create and to learn for the purpose of creativity. Child’s parents should be committed to the same. I know how – this is not a daydreaming.
  • I want to not be restricted in any way to implementing all of these, neither financially nor otherwise. I know this is always true to a degree I am true to my Maker (meaning I am on the path without giving my attention to anything else) – this is not a daydreaming.
  • I want to find my other half – a woman who’s level of consciousness is similar to mine. She is beaming with natural sincerity and love for whole Creation, sincerely experiencing wonders of the Creation; dedicated to her family and to her Maker in her intuitive feminine way instead of the ways of man-made “traditions”; a woman who cannot lie neither to herself nor to others because of who she is; naive, sensitive and simple as a child in her heart, naturally good looking in the image shaped by her positively intuitive mind, her smile been a signature of her telling all about her as is …  This one could be my daydreaming …


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