Few major definitions which are important to understand this blog. Without the agreement on the language used there is no possibility for understanding between people. The way to define the definitions is by way of synonyms used in different cultures/religions to express the same notion.

God – the word which expresses the Ultimate Reality, the Oneness beyond which nothing else exists because this Oneness is the Existence itself.  As a category (not to be confused with God’s names but a category only) in other cultures/religions He is called: Elohim, Divine Father, Being, One Consciousness, Buddha (not as a name but Consciousness), Ultimate Self, True Self,  The One as per Plato in his lecture “On The Good” : the Good (τὸ ἀγαθόν) is identified with the One (the Unity, τὸ ἕν), Ultimate Oneness, etc.

Enlightenment – ultimate state of consciousness which is the goal of the evolution of human species. Synonyms in other cultures/ religions: Awakening, Self Realization, Ruach Hakodesh, Ruach HaElohim, Samadhi, Nirvana, Satori, etc.

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