The Flow of Beliefs versus Reality

Everybody lives in the world of the belief system adopted or created by him. This system has ideas adopted regarding each and every element of the external world surrounding us. This was discussed in post The World of Distortions . But those ideas are not static – they keep changing. Every reader is encouraged to observe his/her system of beliefs as it progressed through the years and see how it changed, say in the last 20 years… for some the change is dramatic enough to notice it even within last few years… and it keeps changing. As the beliefs change, the perception of the external world changes too. Depending on how beliefs change, for example, the world may seem to become more peaceful, or opposite, more hostile, or even approaching the violent end. Since this perception of the presumably the same world on the same planet very, conclusion becomes inevitable that our belief system, however it has been dramatically changed along with our “maturity”, it never represents True Reality.

Then, how can we know True Reality? Is it even possible to know?

There are surely many answers to that question provided by many schools of Spirituality and Religious practices. This post will examine yet another approach based on the very subject we started the article so far…

What if the very fact of our mind floating in the constantly changing flow of beliefs about the Reality is in itself the barrier, the wall separating us (or our minds) from the True Reality? What if we could stop forming our own conceptual beliefs or stop adopting the beliefs created by other people, and then …

Then we (our mind and our senses) would become OBSERVERS of the World as IT IS instead of our idea of it molded into our constantly changing belief system!

This conclusion repeats the law of physics called the relativity. The observed object’s parameters (perceived speed for example) depend on the relative position and speed of the observer. There is no static stillness in the observed material world. Even imagining to be able to come to the “absolute” stop from any movement or vibration, in “absolute sense” is not possible. This topic is best discussed in details in the profound works of Walter Russell (see for example his book “The Secret Of Light” ).

It is concluded by Walter Russell that any stop of the thought process (the process which actually acquires the next change in the belief system) will reveal to the mind … the Light as he calls it – the Divine Light which is the Source projecting this world into existence.

In other words, if we stop making our mind-made ideas, assumptions. judgements and beliefs about the Reality, then we are FREE to use our limited senses plus the Mind (which is now free from the idle process of fantasizing about the world) to perceive the world AS IS !

Now let’s meditate on this idea and play around with it throughout the day of the presumable “waking state” when in fact there was no truly waken state possible until we stop playing our mind’ fantasies and become observers of the Reality!

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