Whispers From Beyond: Happiness

All religions say that God is all good and God’s intent for us is nothing but happiness.

Modern day spiritual teachers all say the same – your nature is unlimited power and happiness… Really?

How much frustration caused by contradiction between observed “reality” so to speak and above statements!

“Be good and you will be happy” …  really? It says: God will provide if you walk with Him… Scriptures indeed provide many supporting examples, but seems our lives do not support the happy theories…

New Age (or New Thought) teaches that we are what we believe in, we attract events by our dominant thinking, … just change thinking pattern and you will get where you want to be …

There are also great positive life examples among modern teachers. Take for example Walter Russell – great American teacher who’s life was example of the ultimate success story ranging from successful sculptor, painter, musician, philosopher, scientists (highly praised by Tesla), spiritual teacher and family man who had a strong love experience in his family life. Or take example of another successful man – Richard Wetherill – successful spiritual teacher, founder of the group business which proved his principles in actual business environment and a family man who experienced a dedicated and loving family life.

Yet, seems most who try do not succeed … even dedicated students of religion and spirituality or followers of the most successful New Age teachers have hard times in their personal life…

What’s wrong with us?

Let’s try to state the question intelligently as if we already understand the nature of mind (if such understanding is even possible…)

Since the time of Buddha through modern New Age, all realized individuals taught that our behavior and life circumstances get created by our habitually developed patterns of thinking, our belief system. If we accept this teaching from all those who proved it in their lives, then we have to change our question to the following:

How do I know what is wrong with my thinking? Which belief in my world view is wrong? If I don’t hear the “voice of God” how do I get to know my mistakes in thinking?

With these questions we raised starting position to a higher level closer to the destination…

Another help to get the answers is hidden in the universally agreed statement that everything what happens to us is actually good in the long run (if not in this world, sometimes claimed, then from the Eternity prospective…) Let’s just assume, for the purpose of investigation, that this is so and let’s start case study…

Case study 1:

You made a bad decision in young age choosing the profession/college/occupation. After 25 years you realized you are not doing what you always wanted to do… Now you are frustrated about so much lost life time… Very unhappy and depressed you neither want to continue as before  nor you believe you can start all anew: your age and financial dependencies do not collaborate with your new “awakening”… Too bad.


Your first choice was made based on the belief adopted from other people, surely against your true nature and desires. But at that time you did not know… Now your frustration is based on another group of beliefs (note here: also adopted from other people!) – “I lost too much time, I am old to start anew”, and sure belief that “I will fail” … This thinking proves itself right by other circumstances such as non-cooperation from your spouse or financial obligations or something else…

What is wrong? How did you create this tragedy and what could you do or … can do now?

Look at the whole picture as observer only. No emotional attachments if you want to see Truth.  What do you see?

1st – you made first mistake not because you did not know what you WANT! Not because you did not know that your choice is not part of your dreams. You knew it all well! From the start you hurt yourself by following  beliefs of others instead of your own! Who is to blame? God? The other guy who gave you suggestion you accepted? Stupid – he might be following his dream to the letter, he just did not know that you had different dream…

2nd – Now what?  Now you have learned your lesson. Not the lesson about the profession you always wanted (again – you always knew it) – but the lesson that YOU HAVE TO ALWAYS FOLLOW YOUR DREAM! or else…

OK, understood, so what do I do now ?

Excuse me?

Stupid! If you understood now, why are you asking? ….

– Cause, you see, the age, the financial burdens, family obligations …

But all that is ANOTHER SYSTEM OF BELIEFS WHICH are taken from other people! Now this system of beliefs that you are governed by … makes you unhappy!


Not only our wrongly adopted beliefs cause our failures but our unhappiness is also result of wrongly adopted beliefs which generate unhappiness instead of ALLOWING us to move on with remedy! Just as wrong beliefs cause our mistakes so wrong beliefs also generate our unhappiness instead of being satisfied with wise awakening and jump on the remedy WITH NO RESPECT FOR OTHER OPINIONS!

In other words, if individual makes the second mistake of feeling unhappy instead of moving forward with changing life, that means that the first lesson from the first mistake was not learned!

Unwillingness to change life is a clear indication that initial lesson still has not been learned! Lack of commitment is also indication that the lesson is not learned. There is no way you can lack commitment if there is clear understanding of what happened!

What else do we need from God? Should we ask from Him a commitment to our own happiness? He provides with all we need to act on our behalf. But to ask for a commitment to be happy?

Sorry, God says, that’s your choice…

If we drop all the beliefs we currently have and only “listen” to our own sacred whispers from the heart, we will know the Ultimate Truth about ourselves! And about further path to move on!

The examples indicate that it is enough to drop ALL the beliefs and just to tune up with our own intuition/whispers from the heart, or whatever you call this voice, – then you will witness the Divine Reality and you will experience the natural quality of this creation – your happiness.

To be continued

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