Ernest Holmes: The Science of Mind

Quotes which reveal his teaching.

… Universal Energy, Mind, Intelligence,Spirit – finding conscious and individualized expression through us – and that man’s intelligence is this Universal Mind  functioning at the level of man’s concept of It. (p.35)

The first principle is goodness and only in so far as our thought and action tend toward a constructive program, will it eventually succeed. (p.45)

How are we to know what is right and what is wrong? We are not going to know it, we already do know. … It should be considered right to live and to enjoy living. To be well, happy and to express freedom, is to be in accord with Divine Law and Wisdom. (p.46)

The Law of the Universe is the Ultimate goodness for all which is flowing through all forms of created Life trying to be expressed through each form. This is immutable Law of Ruah HaElohim – the Law of Dharma – the Law of Dao.

This is the only Reality.

So then why are we not satisfied? Why suffering? Obstacles on the way of the Divine Law have been made by mind – thought adopted from the human society. These obstacles hinder the natural expression of the Divine Goodness and Divine Love.

We are in and surrounded by the false believes and stupid ideas saturating society. Human society mostly a pile of junk believes and ideas. Yet, flowers of rightful thinking are present in this junk pile just as lotus flower is growing in the vast spaces of mud made of organic decay.

The very mind which constantly fails us by continuous repetitions of the wrong patterns of thinking, – yet is the only tool available to us to get out of those patterns and realize the only Truth of Divine Goodness and be free.

The degree of human suffering is proportionate to a degree of wrong thinking acquired from the society.

The degree of human happiness and success is proportionate to a degree of the knowledge of true Reality – Divine Goodness and Love.

Trust in Divine Goodness is proportional to the degree of personal experience coupled with comprehension of the Law. This trust must be the outcome of the knowledge, discernment and observation.

Thinking that the external circumstances, society are the immutable rulers over our lives, is the source of misery as this pattern of thinking grows as a snowball into making us indeed depended according to our believe, instead of allowing us to open to the flow of goodness from our own Divine Nature.

Our unlimited happiness and success are our immutable true nature. It is enough to Know it – to open the gate…

How to clean ourselves from the junk believes? By constantly ongoing self observation and scrutinizing any believe we possess. We must be ready at any given moment to give up any of our believes if we find that it does not reflect reality or contradicts the actual experience or common sense analysis. Such behavior will save us from being locked more and more into the same thinking patterns along the wrong path.

Question, scrutinize, self observe and never “feed” established believes but, while using them for learning life, at the same time, keep verifying if they work… check against intuition, common sense and Divine Whispering…

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