Reflections on the Meaning of New Year

I am writing this on the 1st day of 2011. Another flip of the page of the calendar which is made into a significant holiday in many cultures.  Regardless which calendar (and therefore which day) you keep for your New Year celebration, the same question should ring in you if you are a Seeker :

What meaning does it have for you?

Or is it just another day? As a Seeker, my main method of research has always being the one which I will follow now again:  The correctly asked question itself gives birth to the right answer…

Here we are: is January 1st any different in it’s significance than, say, December 31 or January 2nd ? – Surely not. But then again, does it mean that December 31st or January 2nd are not significant? – Hmm. Here we go deeper…

Of course they are significant! Each day is significant if ever you offer any significance to a human life! But then this means that January 1st is significant and even Holy … as any other day of our lives! True, but then do we need to celebrate it selectively over any other day? The answer is:

Not over, but just as joyously as any other day … But I hear you saying: But we don’t celebrate every day! Bingo my friends, here we are:

It is because we don’t celebrate every day of our lives (either we can’t or we don’t want, or it’s too much for us, etc.) that’s why we need a symbol for such daily celebration at least once a year!

And let this symbol be a reminder for us of something important which we’d be better off to do daily, yet, because we do not, let us do it at least once a year on New Year Day:

do re-evaluation of the last period of your life (in this case a period is a whole year, but if we were smart enough to do such celebration daily, we would do re-evaluation of the previous day every evening before going to sleep)

What is it a re-evaluation of individual life for a given period?
Our life’s purpose is development/evolution of individual consciousness from a very limited ego of a child towards a complete Self Realization where ego is getting dissolved into it’s own Source – Universal Consciousness (in other languages – Atman, Spirit, etc.) Such development is impossible without one of the main ingredients – introspective self analysis, or observation of one’s ego by a Self Witness.
Such practice is nothing but a re-evaluation – you recall all the major events of your past life for a given period, you recall the choices you faced and the decisions you made and the outcomes of your decisions. If you reached a more advanced level of self analysis, you can even observe the reasons which motivated you to make one or another choice while not loosing the focus on the outcome… Was your reason, which motivated your action, rooted in your ego-memory or was it rooted in Divine Ways (in many cultures defined as Dharma,  Dao, God’s Will, Derech Hashem, etc.)  ? Matching your reason for a particular action with the outcome produced, you can learn a lesson here…
Such analysis has enormous  power to teach you a lesson of the karmic importance. Such a lesson cannot be taught to you by anybody else aside from you.
Have a wonderful New Year celebration – learn a lesson – make a new affirmations for a New Year, based on the lesson you just learned from your past experience.

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2 Responses to Reflections on the Meaning of New Year

  1. Monica says:

    Are you still around? Have you found the (Insert one of the following labels based on what you choose, that people use to try to name this unknown) ; God, Life Force Energy, Cosmic Divine, I Am, Source of Life, Energy Frequency/Vibration etc.

    I am a seeker who has never been able to totally rise above, beyond the very negative, physically damaging, challenging life that I was born into! I have made great progress in so many ways and keep striving, growing, improving learning, changing, seeking …but I never arrive. .and nothing “out there”, by whatever name it is called, shows up to help me…Why? Don’t Know! The “something” that I am missing, or not understanding, or doing right alludes me…IF you know how to find and get the help from something outside yourself please let me know. I have been trying for several years now to not seek healing/help from outside myself but to totally look inside me and create my own physical miracles and healing. I have yet to accomplish anything…but wont stop seeking and trying.

    I know this may sound like you have a nut case writing you… but I am not. I am just very tired from lifetime of suffering and struggling and looking to find someone who has actually had real success finding and receiving and actual, real, tangible manifestations from their seeking! So I may learn and change and find what I need. I am getting old and running out of time ! I cant continue to spend decades with more trial and failure. Thank you for reading and if willing to converse with me please do!

    • Vlad says:

      Dear Monica, you are not a nut case but a true Seeker. In fact your comment provides all the proofs to confirm that you are already near the threshold of the breakthrough.
      Most of the life experiences humans need just to discover that life is not what they think it is, that there is something important “out there” which handles this life, that a key to the human change is not outside but “in me” and you can create your own miracles and your own healing (this is HUGE achievement!)…
      You already got all of these truths… This is rather high level as I see it. And you will see it the same way when you get there… (if not already by now).
      You failed to notice that just by realizing the existence of the “ABOVE” realm which you seek passionately you’ve already risen above the human “norm”.
      I admire your passion to KNOW the TRUTH. You are true Seeker.
      If you still need help I’ll post more details on the methods.

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