Lessons from Richard W. Wetherill

These are only the notes to remember

From his books:

Tower Of Babel  http://www.alphapub.com/downloads/Tower of Babel.pdf

Right Is Might http://www.alphapub.com/downloads/Right-Is-Might.pdf

How to Solve Problems and Prevent Troubles  http://www.alphapub.com/downloads/HOW TO SOLVE PROBLEMS AND PREVENT TROUBLE.pdf

Leadership Into The 21st Century http://www.alphapub.com/downloads/Leadership.pdf

Suppose We Let Civilization Begin http://www.alphapub.com/downloads/Civilization.pdf

Be Right Or Go Wrong  http://www.alphapub.com/downloads/Be Right or Go Wrong.pdf

All available digitally from http://www.alphapub.com/our-books.html



observe the problem -> ask the right question -> which will lead to a correct answer

All the problems in life is a result of the mind distortions. Mind filters all the sensory perception through the installed distortion/filters.

Why those distortion /filters are so powerful? Because mind is a good and intelligent servant – whatever is fed into it to fit and to serve, in this case – it is a distortion installed by individual to order the mind to fit all the perceptions of outside world into the filter of distortion. Mind is doing it well as it is intelligent.

Remove your distortions which you fed into your mind – and you will perceive the real world with it’s bliss, intelligence and only success in life as it was intended in this creation.

In other words, the sincerity in truly wanting to know the Truth causes the self observation (watchfulness) and then leads to self improvement. This, in turn, leads to the release of enormous powers  of  potential intelligence hidden in human being.

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