The Law of Entropy and Irreducible Complexity

All of the forms of life indicate the Irreducible Complexity. Not just some of the forms as often been analyzed by the modern biologist , but ALL living forms. Starting from the single living cell. The habitat of the whole planet earth indicate Irreducible Complexity too, and even at the same probability level as living forms. This Irreducible complexity is the Opposite of the Second Law of Thermodynamics  – the Laws of Entropy – which states that

the entropy, or the level of disorder or randomness, increases in the closed system if no external forces and energies apply to create an order

Whence these two observed realities – the Irreducible Complexity  on one side and the Law of Entropy on another side comprise two opposites of the duality observed in the nature.

Why so? Because

One side of duality, the Law of Entropy, indicates what is to be observed if no Intelligent Force applied to guide energies of the Universe to effect it’s elements. The absence of the Intelligent Force  leads to the increase of entropy.

The other side of the duality, the observable law of Irreducible Complexity,  indicates what is to be observed when Intelligent Force applied to guide the forces and energies of the Universe to effect it’s elements creating the order of increasing complexity.

Therefore the opposites of the duality pair are nothing but the difference of the effects of application of the Intelligent Force versus it’s inaction (or perceived absence).

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