Letter to Sergei

This message is not from me, but from Beyond.

I write it for me too because there are many days when I forget them and misplace my priorities. It is a guide for all of us.

Life has the Meaning – the Purpose.

It is common for all in scope and in the point of destination but unique and special for each individual soul in the content of life (life’s substance) to get there.

That’s why, although we all come from the same Source and we all return back to the same Source, yet, people are so different in their forms of creativity, ideas and lifestyles…  while in physical body…


“Your life is your ultimate piece of Art” – Seth, from “Seth Speaks” by Jane Roberts.


The Purpose implies that we must know it and stick with it.

All other aspects of Life constitute either elements of the Path to that Purpose or the outcome of the Path we choose.

Following the Purpose means living our lives.

Loosing it means either creating problems for ourselves or even death, although we seem to be well alive. Yet it is so because just as in physical death the Purpose is not pursued any more, whence – death.

Many people, though agree to above statements, have trouble to figure out their Purpose. It is so because through many years they accepted so much influences from other people, so much of Other people’s goals, that they lost their own Purpose which they were born with…

But the big topic in itself regarding how to recall your destiny, your Purpose, is not what you or I need to hear. We are among the lucky ones – we actually know our purposes. We just knowingly ignore it in order to satisfy “needs of circumstances” … by doing this we create more of the circumstances to keep satisfying … until we forget what was our Purpose…

Now, back to your origins.

Your mother gave you more than just birth – she gave you the Purpose – music.

You were the implementation of her dream, her life project, her creativity – you were made / molded / trained / nurtured into becoming an accomplished Musician.

As a live witness of those years I can testify here that she succeeded. From your first childhood performances you moved the audience. You were still a boy when your Rachmaninov prelude electrified the audience to such a degree that I was charged to the rest of my life with sense of blessing for Rachmaninov’s music and with internalized knowledge of how his music suppose to sound… I remember that the music teachers listening to you were so electrified that I thought that they probably never played like this in their lives…

Your later performances of Chopin, Debussy and Beethoven had so much energy and so much of pulsating life that no life performances I attended in Atlanta met my taste because I got to expect always THAT MUCH OF LIFE ENERGY from piano and nothing less! You (and your mother who is always present in every one of your performances) created my standards! Similarly I was also greatly influenced by the live performance of Emil Gilels  in early 1980s.

Can you honestly say that you don’t know your Purpose???

When I told you back then in East and West International Competition that I did not know that you got so far in your skills, you replied that you knew your level when you applied to participate in competition.  Whence, you knew your level!

Can you honestly say that you don’t know your Purpose???

What now? Where are all your records of Chopin, Beethoven, Bach, Debussy, Rachmaninov which I heard you playing in the past?  Where are all NEW records of the baroque and classic which I haven’t heard yet?

Your recording of the music of local composers is fine but I doubt that your mother had this in mind as her main life project…


On a similar note:

My father suggested to me back in 1972 – why not to consider going for mechanical engineering? I choose the “newest” and “coolest” in newly evolving high tech trend – the  computers.

Nothing but influence of the Others… I indeed accomplished a lot in terms of the leading edge projects I participated in, in terms of the new products I personally  developed and in terms of the big salaries I was payed here in US.  And I always tried hard to make myself feel enjoyed and satisfied with what I was doing… until all this fantasy collapsed one day and realized – I was not doing what I was born for… not my utmost desire in life…

Now, I am 57, – I know – my father was right. I love creating new mechanical things, creating flying things in particular and personally flying… This was my dream since I was about 9 years old, regardless whether it is the latest trend in human society or not.

That day when I was disgusted with my “computerized” life I still did not get to realize my purpose. I was still thinking in term of  “what can bring money” and my love of flying did not fit into this financial “purpose”. Then was unsuccessful business, bankruptcy and loss of all the money I got from my previous “computerized” life.

Then awakening came. If life years are passing away anyways, if making money for the purpose of making money in the end does not leave any money … then why not just do what I want to do what I love to do ignoring the circumstances??????????????


“You first create your own Reality in your mind, then in exterior world” – Seth, from the book “The Nature of Personal Reality” by Jane Roberts.


Back to music.

You know well that Rostropovich played that well because he was following his Purpose – he just enjoyed playing music.  This was his passion.  All the fame and money came as a “side effect” of him pursue this main Passion.


“Your life circumstances are first created in your mind, then, powered by your Passion as a source of energy, they are projected into the material world and finally perceived as external phenomena” – Seth, from the book  “The Nature of Personal Reality” by Jane Roberts.


All the great people of the world ignore or disregard the external circumstances in favor of their own Passion, their own goal.  The result?  “Somehow” it “happened” that they got favorable circumstances paving the road to fulfill their Passion!  Some writers call the  Source of such “favors” – the Universe, others call it “The Universal Consciousness” , others call it “God”.

Regardless whether you understand how this works, you know this law anyway.

You know enough  examples of the great individuals who accomplished great breakthrough in absolutely illogical circumstances. In fact most of the great accomplishments came about in the circumstances which do not suggest it was possible! What does it teach us?

The Passion for Great Creativity of the individual form, leading to the fulfillment of the Purpose is that invisible channel through which we get energy and power from Beyond creating for us the circumstances in external world and paving the road for our success…

The degree of the pursued Passion is equal to a degree of the favorable circumstances.

Fulfilling of your passion and creative joy must come first priority.  All things you consider as “necessities” will be given…

P.S. Now, I want your good quality recordings of Rachmaninov’s preludes,  Chopin, Debussy, Bach and Beethoven.

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