Whispers from Beyond: The Purpose of Creation

First, on the category called Whispers from Beyond. These are the attempts to record the information which is not product of my ordinary human mind but comes to me in the rare moments of what in different cultures called Inspiration/Enlightenment/Divine Revelation (English), Ruach Hakodesh/Ruach Elohim (Hebrew), Dhyana (Sanskrit), Satori (Japanese), and so on .. .

If not recorded within a short period of time I loose it. But once recorded, they become an object of my own conscious study…  I truly believe that many people (if not all) have from time to time such Divine Revelations yet they simply miss them because people are not aware of such nature of their own minds.

The Purpose of Creation

Looking from the Cosmic view it is One:

the Evolution of the materialized forms of Consciousness to the point of Self Discovery .

This can be traced through 3 major (seemingly separate) attributes in humans, which are actually one above process:

Self Development / Self Discovery – by the seekers who have innate craving to find out Who They Are – kind of Self Research. Examples could be sincere Yogis, Buddhists, etc.

Love – as evolution through different expressions of love (as per Earthly Life Forms) to the Universal Love of the Whole of Creation

Creativity – as evolution from limited expressions of the craftsmen, or musician or artists, to the Cosmic Creativity of the Fully Realized individual

Each of the above attributes will be discussed in details in the separate posts. It is important to mention here the Oneness of the above seemingly independent processes.

All the accomplished seekers of the world pointed to the overlapping nature of the above human attributes. All the Self Realized individuals always displayed love for all the creatures and all the Creation to the extent of experiencing love above the “normal” so to speak. They also displayed enormous creativity in any area of activity they happen to touch while suggesting or helping their disciples.

On another hand, there are examples of the  Self Realized individuals who in their early age prior to their full spiritual realization, were noted for their love for everybody around them. In Sanskrit terminology they are called “bhakti” type.  Such world renown examples are Swami Yogananda, Sri Ramakrishna, mother Theresa, to name few…

Another overlapping examples are those who were at the front lines of the science pushing the science of their times to the new edge only to discover at the end their expanded consciousness revealing the Unlimited and Unbound Spiritual Nature. To mention few examples, such are Aristotle, Isaac Newton, Blaise Pascal,  Emanuel Swedenborg, Albert Einstein.

To continue this series see the next follow-up posts:  The SeekersLove, Creative Purpose .

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