Whispers from Beyond: The World of Distortions

This world is full of conflicts, contradictions and ignorance. Everybody agrees that this is BAD.  Although that which is BAD and the story to explain this will defer significantly matching the belief system of individual.

All the phenomenal world is an interplay of the opposite dualities created as Ideas by the Consciousness.

  • Me versus the World based on created Idea that I am separate from the rest of the World
  • My family versus other families
  • My nation versus other nations
  • My particular religion versus other religions
  • My political party versus other parties
  • My political, philosophical and religious views versus respective dualistic others
  • My system of beliefs in every area of human activity versus respective dualities of the others

This is how the life story evolves. But in the end these are all just elements of the … story. The system of beliefs, the Idea.

The Idea exists as long as the objects it plays with, exist. Those objects are the dualities, created also as Idea to play with in this material world. If Consciousness looses interest in the Idea of the dualities, then they won’t exist any more…

From the point of view of the Fully Realized Consciousness both Right and Wrong opposites of the dualistic pair have the same right (so to speak) to exist, as they both are necessary to make up the phenomenal world. If Wrong vanishes so does the Right, it’s opposite.

If we choose to assign the title Truth to only eternally valid phenomena, then everything dualistic are not really True, as they are changing with the speed of our changing belief system, therefore they can be called distortions…

Therefore our world is based on the constantly changing multiple systems of distortions as upheld belief systems.

“My truth” versus “your truth” is nothing else but “my adopted system of distortions” versus “your adopted system of distortions”.

But once individual becomes realized to his true nature, the dualities become like a game, – a  flow of ideas constantly changing and mutating, the only permanent base being the Consciousness which creates and plays with those Ideas and Beliefs.

Sri Aurobindo

For years I pondered on the dramatic change in life of the great Indian thinker and spiritual teacher – Sri Aurobindo.

He was known as a leading figure among Hindu nationalists, leading them in armed struggle for independence from the colonial Britain. His above usual intelligence and love for his nation were focused towards the desire to free his people from colonial rule. He was imprisoned by British and tortured. After being miraculously released, he experienced a powerful spiritual awakening as a result of learning from the traveling Yogi. But after his powerful awakening, he moved to Pondichery, southern India which at that time was controlled by French and totally dedicated himself to the spiritual practices and teaching. His Pondichery Ashram became known all over the world. But at the same time we cannot trace any political activity towards the freedom of his country from British. Nothing. As if this goal became of no interest to the newly realized world teacher…

The reason is the very topic of this article. His mind moved from the system of beliefs of the patriotic Hindu nationalist who loved his people and desired a freedom for them, towards the “no nation, no country, no dualities” mind which dwell in the realm of the Divine Consciousness, beyond and above the dualities, viewing the phenomenal world as it is – just on-going changing phenomena, changing the dualistic objects as the Ideas evolve. His love for his nation did not vanish. But he added something else to his system of belief – love for the other element of the duality as a product of the same Divine Consciousness – the British.

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