Whispers From Beyond: White Screen

Every moment is a White Screen. All the perceived details of my live moment is nothing but  an images projected onto this Screen. Those images are my ideas, beliefs, on-going stories, accumulated prior to this moment and now projected onto the Screen. The moment itself in it’s heartbeat is only the White Screen.

Trying to continuously keep my  stories, I tend to maintain – to project – the same background details, while on the foreground I project my “new” ideas, plans and actions.

If they come in contradiction with my background projections (accumulated belief system + previous story line), which means unsatisfying life experience, I always have a choice – either change my new ideas (or drop it) to fit with accumulated beliefs, or drop and replace my accumulated beliefs and story-line, whence breaking the continuum of it, allowing my new ideas to prevail. The choice is always mine while running my life story movie…

What do I choose? If I know that I can change my beliefs and story line (based on those beliefs), then why ever would I want them to keep me from implementing my new idea of my new story? Why not change any time I want? It is only if I did not know I could do it…

Let’s start a new life by experimenting with  this premise:

I am allowed and capable to change the limiting ideas or drop them, those which keep me in bondage, in favor of my new ideas I want to implement. That means – I am free to do anything – as long as I do not collide with goodness of ALL-THAT-IS, as long as I do not hurt ALL-THAT-IS… Every moment I am free to create a new Me. Every moment I can change background in the movie.

Each moment is a forever new White Screen.

All happenings (the background) of each moment are result of my accumulated beliefs, and they are up to me to maintain or drop in favor of my new ideas.

The only limiting factor to my new Screen change is to allow ALL-THAT-IS to continue functioning all forms of life without been hurt by my intentions.

I am not doing any judgement of the current happenings neither emotionally effected by them because I am allowed to change them anyway…

I perceive any happenings only as a result of my previous decisions based on accepted ideas and beliefs therefore no reason to judge my old decisions…

Instead – just change those principles which were followed in the past but do not work now. Accept new principles which allow for a new Me and for my new ideas to have a life.

Every moment has a New Screen.

It is The White Screen.

To understand this and to live by this understanding is to live as a Creator

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