Whispers from Beyond: My Life as a Thought

Life is a Thought. My Thought. My past thoughts versus my current thought versus my future thoughts, God’s thought about what my life suppose to be (or what it is thought of being “me”, yet not realized yet).

Difference between my thought and God’s thought is in a scope and extent of realization (implementation). God’s thought about “my life” has being final, complete and unchanging even before I was born. Yet my conception of this idea is evolving as my life progresses aimed at the final goal – the complete implementation of God’s idea of “my life” .

If my life is nothing but my own thought about me, then why occasional dissatisfaction? Because it is a conflict between my past conception of myself and the current one. It is not even “wrong” idea of myself  in the past but it is too limiting compared to the God’s idea of what my life suppose to be. Hence as I evolve and my idea about me gets closer and closer to the final “version” (God’s idea of me), dissatisfaction with currently implemented my past conception of “me” will always follow to a degree of the difference between this past idea and the evolved current one.

A gap between my past idea of myself (that is the same to say the idea of my life) and God’s idea of me – is the reason of the on-going dissatisfaction. All my thoughts about myself of the future create that future (or implement it along the timeline) . Hence, if my thoughts about myself, my life, as projected into the future, are limiting, – they will create future dissatisfaction because these thoughts are not static – they are necessarily evolving towards the Final Idea.

At the same time occasional happiness also follow as a moment of recognition of some components of myself which were not implemented in the past, yet they were thought of in this life and, eventually, along the timeline, implemented as a part of my life.

This explains the play between the dualities of “happiness-unhappiness”, “satisfaction-dissatisfaction”, “why this is happening to me” versus “I accomplished this”, and so on.

The greatest miracle of life is this hidden nature of the “external” world which is a natural product of our own thoughts about ourselves. Any sudden happening in the so called “external” world is a reflection of a recognized absence of some aspect or a concept of me not yet implemented, still missing from my life.

The more my concept of myself up to the Divine idea of me, the less devastating will be swinging dualities between satisfaction-dissatisfaction because the next idea of me, which I come up with, will be less contrasting with the current one. In other words, the closer my current idea of myself to the Final Version, the more gradual evolutionary changes of my concept of myself will be, the smaller gaps between my past concept of me (currently implemented) and my current concept of me ( to be implemented later on).

But the absence of the dualistic swinging between satisfaction-dissatisfaction cannot in itself be a sign of being close to the Divine Version of me. For it also might mean that I am in a very limiting (ignorant) state of self-development, having a very limiting idea of myself, yet, not evolving towards the Divine one, therefore my next concept of myself is not much different from the past, yet, just as limiting. This may keep me less vulnerable to the emotional up-and-down swinging, yet, the “storm is coming” as the evolution of consciousness is the Divine purpose of everybody’s life.

But we may ask – “how does this stand against the often taught concept of being humble, modest in order to be self-realized?”  Why be humble if we are nothing but our own thoughts? Isn’t being humble but a relation of me versus “those others” who are nothing but my idea of external world?

The answer is this: Being humble is an important method in itself  which helps to reject altogether my current limiting (often EXTREMELY limiting) concept of myself  (my ego) to allow the Divine concept of myself which is nothing but ALL-THAT-IS, because ALL-THAT-IS reflects all components of me in the wholeness of me regardless of the limitations of my current idea of me which molds me into the limiting EGO.  If I reject my current concept of me (my likes, dislikes, habits, limiting beliefs, views on all aspects of life, my attachments, etc…), then I am ready and opened to the next idea of myself which is coming up on my evolutionary ladder. There will be no obstacles created by my current egoistic limiting beliefs in the process. This is the essence of the concept of “empty your jar in order to receive the drink of Divine wisdom” often cited by Buddhist teachers and also taught in Kabbalah.

Often repeated concept of “accepting the external reality as is” means accepting the external world as a natural reflection of myself NOT of the  Divine Blueprint of myself, but a Divinely devised reflection of my current limiting thoughts onto the complete Divine Blueprint of the Universe in it’s potential. I must be able to see in the currently perceived “external world” the reflection of my own limitations and translucent view of the intended (potential) Divine Blueprint of the world which is  True me in my Final Divine Idea of me.

My perception of the external world is my current limited view of the Complete Divine Blueprint of this world through my current limiting set of ideas about it.

The art of making my own life is the step-by-step, stroke by stroke, drawing that Divine picture of me which I was born to create in this material Universe, fulfilling the Divine Creative purpose in this limiting material world as projected through my individualized form

  • for me to create my own “individual” life as if I am a separate entity from the rest of me (ALL-THAT-IS)
  • to experience the joy of creativity I am capable of even in this limiting dimension
  • to re-discover my true identity, evolving from the limiting individual ego (separate from the rest of Universe), to the being ALL-THAT-IS – the whole Universe.
  • to experience, in gradual evolutionary steps,  the Divine Love for the whole Creation, love, which can only be experienced by a fragment of the Whole towards the Whole.

To rediscover the meaning of  I AM.

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