Whispers From Beyond: The Purpose

This topic is so big that I was postponing writing it down for over 4 years since I had this revelation.

It happened during my 10 days of the Buddhist retreat in South Georgia.  I put down a short hand written account but somehow only one page survived… I’ll try to “fill ” the missing pages…

There is no higher topic to ponder than this. To know this means to understand everything: why we are here, where we are heading, what’s the end of this life suppose to be, who is God and who are we? Etc…

To know that there is Intelligence in the Universe is a precondition to even start approaching this question. This post will make sense only for those who already understand that there is the Primary Intelligence governing all of Nature including us, humans. This post is beyond and outside the debate about Nature’s intelligence vs “accidental evolution” from the unknown point in the past called “Big Bang”… Neither will the recorded revelation try to prove anything. Revelations never cater to those scientifically minded needing a confirmation of the established academia. Revelation only applies to the developed intuitive faculty.

———- The Purpose ———-

There is only One Great Idea for which whole of the Universe is created. Being a fragment of that Idea, we cannot fathom it’s wholeness in our everyday life for it only can be seen from outside of this world’s domain… Yet, miraculously, we humans are capable to shortly switch our mind frequency to that one which brings us to that outside view of the Whole. When this happens to individual, whether in the Near Death Experience, or as a result of a deep meditation, or under influence of psychedelics or any spontaneously triggered incidents, – then

only One Grand Idea is perceived woven into the matter of this Universe.  And it’s background is Love.

The best approach to understanding it  is to track down the embedded Intelligence in our own individual life story. The evolution of the individual life ultimately points to such an intelligence that it cannot be denied the Grand Wholeness of the Source. As a “side effect” of such understanding of any individual life story is extraordinary – nothing less than harnessing the Universal Intelligence to our individual life needs. Why? Simply because it is a fragmented part of the Divine Whole. So …

All ideas to be implemented are nothing else but fragmented projections of the One Greater Idea for which any individualized form has been incarnated.  The main purpose of human life is to experience creativity in implementing that One Idea – being the individualized form (whence limited) of the Divine Attribute of the Creator.  Such creativity must be directed towards material phenomenal world to which the individualized soul has descended. Detachment from this world (drop out from active life, leaving for the prolonged or final retreat away from civilization whether in Ashram, monastery or retreat in the mountains, suicide, etc…) would  mean abandoning this idea for which the individual soul was born in flesh. The understanding that all the phenomena have the Purpose inevitably leads to understanding that our physical flesh has a role in this Grand Purpose too. Denying any part of the Purpose means not accepting the Purpose as a Whole. There are no “not necessary” neither “less important” parts of the Whole which could be denied the Intelligence of the Whole.  But, on another hand, there are many parts of the Whole which we humans cannot grasp to understand.  But there is no a necessity for the individual to understand the purpose of all other forms. Luckily, it is enough for us to understand the Grand Purpose of “my individual life” and all the components placed in it, in order to be a big part of the Grand Story of The Universe. Such understanding brings about the intended use of all the created forms, their parts and their embedded functions.

To understand this concept is the best through the well popularized idea of the Universe as a hologram which was introduced in modern physics by physicist David Bohm. The idea being that each cell of the whole hologram is carrying the information of the Whole. Whence each individual cell cannot be anything else aside from the Whole. Knowing this, we (the cells) can streamline our lives to serve the Whole, or otherwise, to fulfill the Purpose of Whole Idea through our limited individualized Purpose .

To continue: the proper usage of the props given to us or , in other words, the “evil” vs “goodness” is not in props but in their wrong usage…

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