Whispers from Beyond: How to Use Mind to Achieve Your Goals

Funny as it may sound, we need to learn how to use our mind successfully.

– Assume that your are in the current moment at point A. Your goal is to get to the point B which is something big and important you want to accomplish in life. Moving from point A to point B, never task your mind with details of how to get there all the way through. This is the reason of all fears and concerns. The mind doesn’t get ALL THE WAY from point A to point B. It’s function are limited. Never try to see the whole path. Mind will do well on bringing you over the first phase (short term task) towards your ultimate goal.

– On the way from point A to point B, you get many steps and phases. Mind is to deal only with the nearest steps . The mind will bring you to the nearest step, without failure.

– Question to God: why do You always limit time for a particular achievement, without letting me finish something?(Or not allowing me my pace of doing?

A: If I don’t put limits on time, you will never achieve your happiness. I do it for you. You would never work as if your goal needs to be reached soon. So I force you to achieve your goals and be happy.

– Q: Who is creating that time limit?

A: You do. You create the limits which you hate. The faster you move toward your goal, the more blurred your definition of time is; you will lose your perception of time and so it is with time limit. The slower you move towards your goal, the more fear grows due to the awareness of your time limit. Have you ever had fears of time limits when you were moving quickly towards your goal?

– Q: If, unconsciously, I create time limit, does it mean that I might not reach my goal?

A: You create it, so you can easily escape the limit, or you can reach the time limit, because you created it and suffer consequences.

If you focus on the nearest step ahead of you, the mind is not occupied with fear of what can happen, because you are in the present moment of your creation. The result is that you move fast towards your goal. But, if you sit and allow your mind to wonder “what might happen” in the future and experience fear of what can happen, it’s because you’re not focused on what you need to be doing now; you are creating the experience of a time limit to your “doing”. Remember, you cannot change or solve your future fears. You need to return your mind back to what you should be doing right now.

– Focus on today. Now get back to work.

Rules to success:

  1. being in the flow with Divine purpose  – means to not contradict Divine’s purpose for the Whole Creation – same as the laws of Yama and Niyama in Vedanta/Yoga and laws of Mitzvot in Jewish Covenant. These laws are not really restrictive – they do allow unlimited choices and possibilities.
  2. Make sure that your goal does not contradict All-That-Is / All of the Creation. You, as the image of God, cannot do well by contradicting Him in His other forms.
  3. Not to create/maintain contradicting, mutually exclusive beliefs and ideas.
  4. Not to try to see all the path to the destination  but allow mind deal only with the immediate current task leading to  the destination.

What is Success? – Fast fulfillment of the life purpose within a given life. Lack of success is kind of detour from the direct fulfillment.

Emotions vs Mind vs Body

Usual human perception of the ways we get into the one or another emotional state is  this:

Our sensory life experience brings us “bad report” so to speak. The external events seems to support the idea that we are heading to wards unwanted outcome. This, in turn, is the mental idea, whence – upsetting Mind function . These bad ideas or bad thoughts seemingly create emotional downside.

So, as it seems proven by experience, bad external events reported to the brain by our senses, bring negative thoughts. Negative thoughts bring negative emotional state.

Though seem to be obvious, above rule gets broken in some cases.

Has it ever happened to you that after waking up in he morning you feel emotional “up” or “down” not yet knowing what causes it? At which point you start thinking why does this emotion get in you if there is nothing to support it? Then you start “browsing” your memory to find out from the day before what might cause such … say, depression or, the opposite of it, happiness? You surely find this “something” … it is always available as long as you know what you are looking for… either “good” or “bad” experiences. We always have both after all.

There are different theories to explain the above incident, including but not limited to the emotional “left over” from the dream state, and so on, but we are not interested in explanation how it came about, instead we are here to use this incident to suggest a new idea:

What if we can change our emotional state, or, so to speak “generate” a new emotional state and then, just as in the previous case, bringing the facts from our previous experience to support it? Again, there is always both positive and negative experiences in our lives to support either emotional state.

This is not merely theoretical speculation. Throughout our lives we come across individuals who seem to be always optimistic … despite of the negative experiences (which surely “seem” to be negative to those who are not the “stubborn” optimists, but kind of “normal” people).  And it goes beyond the emotional differences of those optimists as compared to the “normal” people. They seem to be more successful in life too…

Could it be that “pre-programmed” emotional state which we can artificially create in us, can support itself by picking up positive facts of our past experience, and then go beyond – to create desirable future experience to support itself?

Seem to be too speculative? Let see what modern spiritual teachers teach in this regard.

To be continued…

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