Role of Mind in Evolution of Human Consciousness

Buddha taught 2500 years ago that release from suffering starts by identifying your own wrong views – mind’s  misconceptions. Same teaching has been taught in our times by modern teachers of Yoga and Buddhism:  Swami Paramahansa Yogananda, Swami Satyananda Sarasvati, Ramana Maharshi, Thich Nhat Hahn, Walpola Rahula, and many others. American new age teacher Richard Wetherill taught in 20th century that turning life from suffering to a life of joy is by identifying and eliminating mind’s distortions. All the same wisdom taught by many new 20th century spiritual teachers: Leonard Jacobson, Lester Levenson, Eckhard  Tolle,  Jane Roberts talking for Seth. There is only one spiritual truth in life but many languages and ways describe it.

Here is yet another attempt to render the same secret of life into the human language and explain the mechanics.

Life is not a union of connected parts but a ONENESS itself. Life is ONE CONSCIOUSNESS. It has many names assigned to it by the teachers of humankind over the millenniums. For the most of the human history human language used the word God to point to this ultimate ONENESS. In modern age many teachers skip the notion of God (although not with purpose to reject it, but rather for the reason that formal mass religions which used this word heavily, defiled it by distorting the teachings of the scriptures), simply replacing not the notion but the word only with something else which carries the same idea –




SELF (always with capital “S” to distinguish from individual egoistic “self” )


even sometimes more “scientific” words are used based on the latest discoveries in physics, such as THE FIELD, ZERO POINT ENERGY, VACUUM ENERGY, ZERO POINT FIELD, etc.

For simplicity reason we will use the word Consciousness trying to be neutral to any reader’s established believe system.

Consciousness projects itself into the limitless multitude  of energy forming the matter. All forms of the matter are nothing but ONE CONSCIOUSNESS projecting itself into the material forms, from simple particles to the ultimate living form – the human.

Each individual form of the projected Consciousness possesses just that – individual form of consciousness narrowed (or focused) to the level of the presentation within the created form. The “narrowing” of the One Consciousness within the form allows it to fulfill it’s purpose (the purpose of this particular form of consciousness) to get the most satisfaction of this form of created existence.

Every simple particle, every atom, molecule and every form of earthly life, from bacteria to human, has this goal of the thorough evolving into the fulfillment of conscious life within a given form of consciousness/energy/matter/life.

All forms possess consciousness (very bad term, used only for understanding, as in reality all forms ARE Consciousness and cannot be a “possessor” as if outside of it).  Simple forms do not possess mind though while animal forms do. Mind is another form of consciousness projected into the most complex forms, such as animal body or human body, with purpose to supervise this form – the physical body – towards it’s own fulfillment of the purpose. This level, where mind suppose to function, suppose not to interfere with the level of consciousness of the simpler forms such as parts of the body, individual cells of the body and down to the basic molecules, atoms and particles. A whole animal body or a human body is a great choir of individual conscious forms at multitude levels, each conscious of it’s own “business” in altruistic ways – for the purpose of it’s own fulfillment and, at the same time, for the betterment of all other levels of existence: molecule, cell, body parts, animal as a whole, social group of creatures / pack / tribe / nation, larger habitat, the planet as One Life, etc…

All the forms of life are intimately connected to a Whole of Life and they are conscious about it. With one exception though – the human being. The mind of the human is made to allow the fulfillment of any desire which human form may come up with. The case of humankind is such that human form of consciousness has enough freedom to , so to speak, “detach” from One Universal Consciousness and, kind of, “create” (using his individual mind) it’s own world – the virtual “mind” world. Human has enough freedom to go either way – either to search and discover the One Consciousness, which he is a projection of, or, to create in his mind, and therefore to “dwell” in the virtual world of his own “making”. Today most of the humans do the later. Hence, the human society is a man-made idea, with it’s own rules, morals, problems, devastation and sufferings, all of which is virtually made by man’s mind, and therefore does not reflect a true role of the human as a life form projected into existence by One Consciousness.

The run-away mind created social structures or groups which defy natural way of the One Consciousness because of the complete detachment from that Oneness. Such detached social groups lead to the group’s and individual suffering all the way to the destruction of other levels/forms of life. All because of the detachment from the One Consciousness.

The “run-away” mind also expands it’s “dictates” into the other forms of consciousness/existence – into the forms of body parts and even cells, this way interfering with natural way of the conscious life of those other forms: body/individual cells, molecules, etc, and at these form’s levels it also brings the same  – the destruction and obstacle to individual and  group fulfillment.

The above phenomena point to the two directions of the corruption of the Divine Purpose of Life – the macrocosm (complex outer forms) and microcosm (simpler inner forms), both pointing from the point of life form possessing a mind.

Whence the solution to all the problems of humankind is this – observe / recognize / drop all the man-made believes/concepts/ideas which are not evolved from the One Consciousness but were created in separation from ONENESS. In other words, simply by dropping wrong concepts from our minds, we, as individual Life Forms, as individual projections of One Consciousness, would get a clear undistorted view of One Reality, where we can experience our True Self. Only then life would become what it is meant to be – a complete fulfillment of evolutionary cycle coming to the end, where this end is a rediscovery of the True Self – more than a joy, but –

Bliss – Enlightenment – Self Realization – Awakening – Ruach Hakodesh – Ruach Elohim – Samadhi – Nirvana – Satori

Let’s start form the example of a single level relationship our observation of mind in relation to the bodily functions.

We do not walk, eat, speak, see, hear, use our hands consciously while doing any work. We don’t even know how to use body to , say, walk. Try to use your mind to direct your legs and feet to make a conscious walking. The more you concentrate your mind on doing this simple movement the more chances you have to fall. Another example: did you notice that, while driving a car, if you try to direct your eyesight on the vehicle in the next lane, running parallel to you, your car tends to … veer towards that car! In order not to crash you should not engage your mind’s attention to the simple details of how you do whatever you do! Many people know that if you walk on the narrow beam in high altitude,  the only chance you have to not loose balance is … not to look down, or in other words, not to direct your mind through your visual senses towards the danger, because if your mind start interfering with details of “doing”, you will probably fail…

Then, how does it happen that we walk, perform a very complex duties using our senses and limbs without actually “knowing” how we do it? It is because each part of our body from limbs to the very cell, “knows” how to do their part of the collective enterprise of the body movement. Unless we direct our mind to that function, and if we do, the mind “overwrites” the individual cell’s behavior whence making troubles. If human mind interferes with natural process of each cell’s function, body will fail.

So is the cause of all deceases of the body.

So is with all the deceases of the society at large. The macrocosm and the microcosm run by the same laws. Human mind suppose to perform only functions as requested by the respective form of consciousness in line with Divine Laws of All the Creation. When breaching the natural law, breaching the flow of the consciousness from One Consciousness into it’s fragments in the microcosm,  creates chaos and tragedies in the  human world.

Whenever human mind ceases creating it’s own “version of reality” (which is ego) but only functions as subordinate to the human consciousness operating on the basis of the Universal Laws / Morals of the whole Created Universe, in harmony with it’s own level as well as with all other levels of consciousness (from the atom, molecule, living cell to the levels of the planet and whole Universe), then human life becomes as Blissful, as Complete and Divine as it is projected by the Divine Wisdom of the Creative Consciousness.

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