Whispers from Beyond: Art

What is art? Things are generally accepted as art are the paintings, music, sculpture, architecture, etc. Yet…

If art is to be understood as a spiritual process of implementing man’s imagination by connecting and receiving inspiration from the Divine unlimited warehouse of all the knowledge, beauty, creativity, wisdom, then all other forms of art must include all the possible areas of the human creativity.

The creative process of designing, constructing, building, manufacturing is only as good for the human life as man’s extent of inspiration and imagination as the inspired artist experiencing while doing his work .

Any product of whatever utility conceived and made by man must be conceived and made with the same inspiration, the same depth of imagination as the imagination of the artist who makes a painting, the composer who makes a music, the sculptor who makes a monument, for any tangible creation of man must be a reflection of the Divine inspiration projected through man’s individualized living form to fulfill it’s purpose in this material universe in that particular area of a human creativity.

Whatever we do, whatever we make is part of making our world… painting it or sculpturing it to the imagining view we have in our thoughts. We may be creating our world through making a landscape or designing the chair or making a music, the form does not matter – the level of inspiration, love and joy of the creative process DOES!

There is no difference whether man creates his art using paintbrush, musical instrument, chisel of the sculptor or metal cutting machine, math, computer software, builder’s hardware tools, landscaping tools or any other tools shaping the world we live in… the only thing matter is this:

Be a Creator in whatever you do!

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