Future Internet Manifesto

This article could not come up earlier for the fountain of unbound creativity was not yet reaching such a level which gave birth to the ideas of the SafeCoin, MaidSafe and all the wonderful software tools aimed at the protection of individual privacy and freedoms in the cyberspace. It is the creativity and desire of the Justice For All by a growing number of the creative souls which made possible the next step outlined here.

This is a Blueprint of the future internet which is ALREADY UNDER CONSTRUCTION.  This article will add some important aspects currently missing as well as will put together all the pieces of the puzzle, already available now, into the global picture of the future internet.

The foundation of the future internet can be described in the following keywords:

Privacy, Security, Justice for ALL

The first keywords of the above is well understood by many developers. Let’s now enter keyword JUSTICE. What does it have to do with such a technical tool as Internet? How on Earth can drive for Justice influence the technical aspects of the future Internet?

Desire for everyone privacy and information security, the driving force of the current internet developers, came about as desperate innate human desire for the Ultimate Justice for all. This, in turn, is a reaction to the all-powerful “rule of law” made by the self appointed “judges” at all the level of the society: governments, political leaders, leaders of the public news media and academia, etc… These self-appointed “judges” already put in place legal and technical means to control and even shut down Internet under the banner of the “rule of law” as a replacement for the word “justice”.

Internet is a powerful tool to enforce and promote the individual role and right for the Justice. Hence, it is the desire for the true Justice for All which propels the developers towards individual freedoms and privacy through creation of virtual currency and embedded encryption of information in the internet. Now, to understand this priorities we have to highlight the basis for all of it. We have to see the current situation on internet from this point of view and start thinking in the direction of the change to be made. From now on, in this article we will refer to this future internet as

JustCyberWorld or JCW

Notes to remember when reading this:

  • The logic of the JCW does not depend on the technical difficulties which can be observed currently.  The logic and moral necessity of JCW comes first as final destination for all the small steps which best of developers take towards the better world. If Wright brothers spent their time on observing the difficulties (even impossibility) of their wonderful idea, they wouldn’t make the first jump into the air… yet, only after 10 years from their first flight, men were flying aerobatics and even warfare in the sky…
  • The Manifesto , though contains some technical details, yet, intended mostly to provide a larger view of the final picture of JCW and intended to solicit more of technical “how to” details from the bright minds of those who are currenlty designing and coding Safecoin, Maidsafe and other similar developments.
  • JCW is the World where technological, mental and spiritual evolution of humans overlap while reaching the same level of development.

The Manifesto

  1. Free access to JCW is guaranteed to all humans on Earth (no up front ISP payments to have access). Any specific data transaction is not free.
  2. Embedded privacy and information security unable to be supervised or traced by any fixed human group.
  3. No management by the fixed human group or self-appointed “high authority”. JCW project makes sense only for the benefits of ALL. The main decisions are made by the voting consensus among the developers-voters on their forums and embedding the voting results into their code – the paradigm already working in many on-line development groups in opened public projects, among others forums of the Bitcoin developers, MaidSafe-Safecoin, etc… Opened World-Wide Project for the benefit of ALL.
  4. Diversification of technical means making networking free from the major “backbones” such as fiber-optical lines and any major high-bandwidth gateways. Growth of multitude of diverse independent means to maintain JCW traffic is of paramount importance and constitutes one of the major points of research and development.
  5. To accelerate growth of such means (see above) there are three ways: 1 – individual research and development by individuals and research groups in academia who are attracted by the ideas of JCW,   2 – creating financial interest among commercial developers/companies to integrate their new technical advancements into the building new infrastructure of JCW (see below on the payment to the JCW service providers), 3 – creating financial interest (again see below on payments to JCW service providers) to solicit current internet providers (including ISPs) to participate in building JCW infrastructure.
  6. Redundancy of the implementation of JCW at all levels and not necessarily grouped by the technical means of connection (for ex. network made of optical “T1-T3” lines does not necessarily have to have it’s redundant backup to be of the same type, but instead could be implemented as a network of digital ham radios, etc…). The JCW network itself manages each redundant branch as a virtual entity without need to know it’s technical aspects… The notion of the “JCW node” and “JCW line” are virtual realities implemented as a respective data of the distributed JCW database.
  7. Any financial exchange (including the payments for the JCW services and information) to be done using only virtual currency based on the Safecoin. From this point of view JCW can be viewed as a SAFE network within the framework of MaidSafe. This is ideal paradigm for the safe virtual currency, yet to be expanded to the level of payment exchange between USERS and PROVIDERS (see further).
  8. JCW network will recognise the following inhabitants of it’s world: USERS, PROVIDERS, BUYERS, SELLERS.  USERS and PROVIDERS are defined as such ONLY in relation to the resources of JCW – those who use resources and those who provide resources. BUYERS and SELLERS are such case of the USERS and PROVIDERS who’s transaction expands beyond resources of JCW, for ex. buying/selling tangible goods using JCW market.
  9. Any financial exchange will take place between Safecoin wallets of the USER and PROVIDER, or between BUYER and SELLER.
  10. There are no exceptions to the rules in JCW. Therefore every PROVIDER in JCW is also inevitably a USER since he has to use JCW service in order to provide. And for any usage of resources he will pay as any other USER. But, as a PROVIDER he will also be paid by JCW network according to his input.
  11. Every provider of the JCW service will be paid by the JCW network automatically with no exception from every usage of this service.
  12. Every content provider within JCW will be paid by the JCW network automatically with no exception from every download of the content.
  13. Every usage of the JCW content and JCW service will be billed automatically by JCW network proportionally to the volume downloaded or uploaded and according to the RATE TAG attached to the content and services involved and used during the transaction and payment is distributed to the providers automatically by JCW network. The amount billed for each usage of service or content is quite negligible compared to any of today’s paid services though. The sum total of all the payments to JCW for all the transactions say, for ex. per month could be made approximately equal to the current payment for the same usage, paid by the same user to ISP only. Or it could be made less. This is a subject of the policy making made into the RATE TAG (see below). The difference will be not in overall amount paid by the user for the internet usage but rather in the way payment is distributed to ALL of the providers of the service and content, not only to ISP.
  14. RATE TAG is a tag attached to the category of service or category of content which is built-in the core of JCW and used to calculate the payment. Amount of payment is simply the product of the volume of download/upload times the RATE TAG. Total bill payment for access is a sum total of such charges across all the services and contents involved in a  single transaction.
  15. RATE TAGS values are a subject of the fragmented component of the total GROSS VALUE of the JCW – the paradigm similar to a well defined in financial terms MaidSafe-Safecoin paradigm. RATE TAGS for each group of content and services are defined by the voters-members of JCW based on the value of the provided service and intensity of labour-money investment. For ex. RATE TAG of the data unit calculated by the server site software is to be greater than the same data unit downloaded from the movie server… Yet, all the movie servers will have the same RATE TAG… Other than category based RATE TAG embedded in the JCW core, the difference in revenue between different content will be defined only by the end user “vote” by number of downloads and their volume (for ex. many users may start downloading a movie based on it’s famous title, yet, they might stop watching/downloading unsatisfied with it’s content). The subtle design of the RATE TAG will ensure that: 1 – end user will not have to spend more than he current spends on the same content, yet 2 – ALL of the providers will be paid based on their value according to the votes of the users (user downloads/uploads), 3 – sum total of RATE TAGs amounts times volume/capacity each represent a Gross Value of the JustCyberWorld.
  16. Empty wallet means “no services” but, since the access is always opened to anybody, any amount deposited to the Safecoin wallet immediately provides the respective amount of usage. This cannot be compared to the cell phones “Prepaid” services because there is no “minimal” plans to buy upfront. Buyer can deposit just enough for his intended usage – subject either to the USER’s own estimate based on previous experience or JCW network may let him know the required minimal pay to provide the requested service.
  17. ISP services to become one of the many groups of the JCW network providers (others being “nodes” and “lines” owners – Gateways, Pools of Servers, owners of fiber-optical lines, owners of the tangible currency-Safecoin exchangers, etc…) who are all paid by the JCW network. Their RATE TAG is defined not only by being in the category of ISP but also by the kind of service they provide – that is SPEED of connection is one of parameters which, in addition to being ISP, defines RATE TAG. Higher speeds of connection provided – higher RATE TAG. Same applies to the tagging process of other components of the JCW infrastructure builders – bandwidth of the lines and gateways among others influence coded amount of the RATE TAG.
  18. Advertisements – currently main technique aimed at marketing goods and services on one side, and source of revenue on another, yet annoyance to all users of the internet – to be abolished. JCW to become the first clean internet implementation source of information and services free from unsolicited pop-ups and redirections. Already available well developed search engines help all users to find what they need. This approach, yet to be integrated with other JCW services, will guarantee that all content is made available by the network to all JCW users without any bias. The promotion of the new content or service (in other words “letting-people-know” substitute of Advertisement) will be done by tagging new content as a “New” tag for a limited time and allowing this content slightly higher priority in advancement in the search engine results in order to be “discovered”. But this to be done for a fixed limited time as a process of “discovery” time (this time is marked by the tag “NEW” assigned by JCW network and recognized by the JCW search engine). This will allow JCW network to promote newcomers within limited time. Content providers will not trash their websites with promotion of other sites, instead focusing on what their own purpose is of being in JCW. Inefficient overload of the network with gigantic volume of advertisement hence will be eliminated yet revenue and the process of promotion all provided.  All the arguments about efficiency or inefficiency of the proposed system of promotion and discovery, although always reasonable, yet, can be bounced back towards the current system of promotion, advertisement and discovery which efficiency is arguable and too is subject for debates… The most heavy load of promotion in the current internet is not what most people need or want but rather those, who have a large financial means to promote their content or services…
  19. JCW network’s automated payment system ensure that all providers within a given category of the content or services are equally represented to the end user by JCW network regardless of their financial status. Above described elimination of Advertisements ensures this equality. Success of each provider is only expressed in the growing number of accesses to a given site and volume of subsequent transactions. This means that JCW network will ensure that the intentions and judgement of the end user (without heavy brainwash of the financially backed ads) will define success or failure of a particular provider. This will make network clean from unsolicited heavy load and at the same time will help end user to focus without distraction on his primary goals of coming to the JCW in the first place.
  20. Being paid by the JCW automatically will free individuals from been forced to focus on the means to be paid (while at the same time paying financially for the means to annoy other users), instead  focusing only on what they do best – their creative passion in a particular field.  JCW will take care of the rest.


Above Manifesto is only a global view with partial glimpses of details to solicit all talented developers with urge for a perfection in human world to aim their current developments towards that goal or to engage in the new developments towards the same.

Let all of us find passion and joy in creativity for the common good.


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