Whispers from Beyond: The Seekers

This is a continuation of the previous post :  The Purpose of Creation

A group of people we call here The Seekers are the ones who’ s priority in life is dominated by the search for the Universal Truth, which is the same as search for the Truth of Who They Are and is the same as a search for the Only True Reality. All these three are actually one and the same search.

In fact this search can express itself in many more forms as , for example, answering the seemingly unrelated to each other questions: Is there a set of the Universal Morals? If there is, Who is He Who sets them? Can I trust my feelings? Can I trust my senses? Where do I come from and where do I go to when I die? … and the “ultimate” question of questions: Who Am I?

These questions exist as long as the man inhabits the Earth. This article is about them – The Seekers.

This intuitive craving for the Universal Truth shines as a beam of light emanating from the Consciousness, penetrating the shell of the human ego. Individual may not recognize the driving force behind this craving but everything The Seeker does or thinks about or questions, – is always to some degree (which is not the same for all) relates to this goal. The degree is different, yet, once individual gets this “bug” to know the Truth, he or she joins the group of The Seekers even though at the very beginning level. Nevertheless, once becoming a Seeker, he or she sets himself apart from the rest of the human world. By his attributes, The Seeker’s world is so much larger (symbolically speaking) that he or she cannot “fit” within the boundaries of the conventional thinking and beliefs.  The Seeker cannot be satisfied any more with his/her previous identification with a particular religious group, ideological or political group, or with system of beliefs based on the racial or national identity. For the much more demanding questions of such magnitude as “Who Am I?”, –  remove the foundation on which typical human belief system is based.  Such foundation itself becomes an object of the questioning and inquiry…

The group of the Seekers is quite negligible in relation to the rest of humankind. They always existed throughout the human history but in these times their numbers are growing as never before in human history.

Are there any signs for those who are not Seeker to identify the one?  What are the signs to identify them by the others of the same group?

Answering the first question – there are no clear obvious signs to identify the Seeker by his behavior in the beginning of the quest. All Seekers are just humans with human ego still shielding their spiritual nature to a certain degree. But this degree varies. The more  Seeker is dominated by his quest for the Ultimate Truth, the more distinct his behavior becomes from the society’s norm. The choices he/she makes serve more the purpose which is outside of the typical human egoistic purposes. Examples from the different times and cultures:  Socrates, Isaac Newton, Baruch Spinoza, Galileo, Einstein, Swami Vivekananda , – and this list of all the historically famous Seekers will not fit into the size of the post – none of them could fit in their days “norm”, because their mind dominated by the search for the Ultimate Truth. But not necessarily the true Seeker has to be of such a caliber as  those new thought discoverers. Most of the seekers do not become known to the world as this is not their priority. The Seeker does not care much of the ego’s  tendencies as he/she knows – the Truth is beyond… In fact, the wants of the ego and the craving for the Truth are two mutually exclusive opposites of the dualism of the Creation.

Answering the second question – the Seekers do identify each other once they start conversation. And from the moment they sense each other, the invisible gravitational pull towards each other makes both of them feel “at home”. And the most surprising aspect of such meeting is that they often find the contrast between the “sameness” of their core nature of the Seeker on one side, and their utmost differences in the “life story” – cultural, religious, national backgrounds… Yet, the core nature of the Seeker heavily prevails over the cultural differences of the “life stories”. Whence two distinctively culturally different individuals find a solid common view on many (if not all) areas of life, though the same individuals might have had many conflicts between their views and mainstream views of the respective cultural groups of their origin.  Such a discovery reveals that the previous identification with ideological, political, religious or national/racial groups was not really fulfilling the most essential aspect of who we truly are but was a reflection of karmically acquired system of belief.

The above discovery also explains the phenomenon where individual, once started making the quest for the core Truth, find himself/herself  harder to fit in the same group he/she identified with before, usually due to the growing within a certain community. They become kind of  “outcasts”. Until they find their “new” group of like thinking Seekers, for some time they feel alienated and “hanging” in the “void” (earlier foundation vanished but a new one is not clearly recognized yet).

Seeker’s mind dwells in another dimension. For those who are looking for a partner for life, looking for a spouse, it is particularly important to recognize and to take into the consideration the fact that he or she is a Seeker and only the mentality of the Seeker may make a solid ground for the long term marital relations. If both man and woman have the priorities of the Seeker, there are no strong egoistic tendencies to create difficulties in their mundane lives just because search for Truth is the same pointer which both follow intuitively and the destination is one and the same for both …

The extent to which they cultivate their Seeker’s nature is the the same as extent of their “oneness” in the family life. Again, this “oneness” is not based on the set of the karmically acquired beliefs, such as my nation, my country of origin, my religion, my cultural background (read as “my habitual system of beliefs”), which might be matching or might not, but a new mental paradigm dominates both -man and woman – “I want to know the Ultimate Truth.” or “I want to know who I really am”…

Preparing for the upcoming social and political calamities in the world, many Seekers are also kind of spiritual survivors – sensing, knowing where the modern society is moving to, they are ready to survive, live through and continue their self development in the aftermath. As current structures of the human society are of no interest or minimal interest for them (remember – they belong to a different degree to another dimension), they are always ready for a new world – the world based not on the structures serving human egos grouped into the belief-based human groups, but rather the new world, based on the Universal principles of the Cosmic Truth – One Eternal, Omnipresent Reality. The only Reality which itself is the answer to the question : “Who Am I?” –

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