Whispers From Beyond: Love

One of the main features of the Creation is evolution of Love (see the previous articles from this series The Purpose of Creation and The Seekers ).

What is Love? Do we even know what it means and what are we after? Indeed, may be this is one of the main reasons why suffering exist – that we are driven by mostly unclear and misunderstood, yet a powerful desire, and, blinded by it (not because of it’s evil nature but because we don’s know it’s nature!), – we are grasping wrong opportunities to satisfy them… After experiencing the pain of failure, we blame … the desire of Love itself … instead of blaming on our ignorance of it’s meaning, it’s purpose and nature. If you are carried away by the terminology of Yoga and Buddhism, before going into the depth I have to remind you that all the Yoga and Buddhist teachers of the world recommended the path of “Bhakti” – unconditional Divine Love. And all the Eastern philosophies, Bible and New Age teachers either include love as a path or point to it as a destination…

In this article the therm “Love” used only to describe a human feeling towards other humans or life object. This does not include the usage of the word “love” when applied to the activity or a phenomenon or towards the inanimate objects.

The nature and property of this human quality is not easily understood, though, because of the word’s frequent use, everyone thinks that the term is obvious to understand. But his/her “understanding” of the term is nothing but a belief (one of many) adopted from the outside world in relation to this term narrowed down even more depending on a particular object of Love. Whence the beliefs about what Love means differ.

We will provide here a strong pointer to the ultimate understanding of Love:

Love is a strong gravitational force between separate Life forms towards Unity – Oneness between them.

To fully understand this quality, observe Oneness of the Divine Love which does not have any separate qualities in itself, versus all the multitude of created (narrowed) forms of love as exhibited in human being, seemingly distinct and separate from each other:

  • love of the parents towards children
  • love of children towards parents
  • brotherly or sisterly love between siblings
  • love between spouses and, in general, between man and woman (this includes but not limited to sexuality)
  • brotherly love between men or between women (this comprises only non sensual spiritual love as ultimate form of friendship)
  • love of neighbors
  • love of ones country or nation as a unity of people of the same heritage
  • love of Nature
  • love of All Humankind and All Forms of Life

The above list of separate forms of love is not complete as it is impossible even to list all, but only points to the main easily recognizable “narrowed”  forms.  To understand the meaning of the “narrowed” form of Love we can imagine such symbolic language as a puzzle picture, though it is one picture as a whole, yet cut down into the small puzzle pieces. (We will return to this symbolic language later). The ability to experience any form from this list ranges from the easiest first forms on the list (the most common and easily “understood” is love for one’s children) to the last – the most difficult to experience and rare among people (requiring extraordinary spiritual level ) .

In relation to different forms of love above pointer to understanding can be presented this way:

Love within each form of Love is a gravitational force between individualized life forms towards each other to make One.

The goal of the Creation – the Divine Road map – is in human evolution from the first phases of the development of those ” narrowed” forms of Love – experiencing more and deeper within each particular form of Love (and surprising ourselves with this experiences) – then, moving beyond all the categories, towards the Oneness of all the forms – the One Divine Love towards all the Creation.

Again – the nature of Love is a quality of conscious evolution of seemingly separate forms of life towards the Oneness of Life (the Source they came from)… from seemingly distinct forms of Love towards One Love.

Coming up later … role of the pieces of puzzle to appreciate the Whole Picture, importance and meaning of applying each “piece” to only it’s proper place or else (nature of “sin”)…   I know that I will get more info on each individual form of love and it’s role towards final self-realization … Sexuality will be reviewed as a large puzzle piece within the whole, most misunderstood and corrupted, yet effecting many other aspects of human life… I can only post so much at a time as the information flow does not come from me and it’s coming is not in my control …

Next post in this series is Creative Purpose .

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