Whispers from Beyond: The World is Idea

We are Consciousness.

The World is in it’s essence a Idea conceived by Consciousness. Our personal life is a Idea in the form of a life story.

We (an Conscious Idea of “us”) live (a conscious Idea of the process of “living”) in this world (a conscious Idea of the “world”) in the way we choose (a conscious Idea of “my personal life story”).

Any part of the above we can change as changing a chapter in the story.

We can change the Idea of “my personal life story” whence changing our life…

We can change the Idea,the  definition of the “world” and the world (as perceived by us) will change…

We can change our definition of what life suppose to be and the course of our life will change to follow the changed definition…

In other words a whole of life is a system of beliefs. Changing beliefs will change our life.  Any “improvement” to the course of life would be nothing else but removing those beliefs which are problematic.

Removing problematic beliefs starts from the focusing on their recognition and identification. Once they are identified, putting a spotlight of our mind’s focus on them will eventually make them “alien” and mind will drive them away. This will reconstruct a new life based on a new Idea what life suppose to be. Such reconstruction is happening all the time but we don’t feed the “new” data to the process, whence forcing the “designer” to keep reconstructing the same life patterns. Feed a new data to your life project and a new life will be constructed.

This is a formula from Beyond:

You (Consciousness) –  Create Your Own Life Story about yourself (individual human form) –  out of Yourself ( consciously conceived Idea)

The same in another symbolic language:

You (Consciousness) – Project a Movie about yourself (individual human form) – out of Your own projector (consciously conceived Idea) – a Movie where you Yourself are not only a Viewer but a Participant.

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